We're thankful that you found us, we hope to make you thankful as well.  We understand how confusing and over whelming it can be inside a dispensary.  There are a thousand items on their shelves, and unknoweledgable "budtenders" shoving the high priced ones instead of hearing your symtons and matching them.  Most of the products are themed more as a mind intoxicating roller coaster rather then the medicinal soothing desired affects most of us are seeking.  By your second or third time you find yourself fraught with questions and uncertainties, and no one to answer them.  We don't believe that should get in the way of your getting high quality medicines from a source you can trust. We're master growers and mindful stewards of this incredible herb, and we love to share our harvest and connect with customers who need excellent products and excellent service to match. Join our GREEN REVOLUTION!