Whether your search brought you here for high quality medicine, information about your rights as a patient, or a starting place to kick off your own cultivation, you're in the right place. We're an old school operation, carrying over craft growing know-how from prohibition days and connecting with our community of patients with great products and personal service. We're excited to serve, educate, and partner with you in healing and growing!

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Our MISSION is to provide a means for facilitating and coordinating lawful medicinal cannabis transaction between our collective members with standards that exemplify our vision and the values of our society.

We believe in the healing powers of cannabis and aim to provide high quality and effective alternative, all natural and holistic remedies for members.  When possible, we will provide medications at a reduced costs for members who are sick and cannot afford to purchase medications for themselves.

All donations collected that go beyond our few modest salaries and operating expenses will be partially reinvested into our Co-Op with any remaining donations going back to our members.

We plan to have all of our strains tested for percentage of active cannabinoids including THCA, THC, CNB, CBDA and CBD.  For members who wish to medicate with these cannabinoids but prefer not to smoke, we will provide an array of alternatives including edibles, tinctures and oils and other cannabis products.