Clones or seeds, Where to start


Its that time of year to get the babies started. Which brings up the debate.  Clones or seeds?  Each one has its pros and cons, and choosing the right option can mean the difference between success and failure.

  • Growing from clones

A clone is a cutting from a mature plant that is replanted and raised to produce buds. All plants are highly susceptible to diseases such as fungus or infestation by bugs. A clone is the exact genetic image of the mother plant it came from, so if the mother had any health issues, the clone will suffer from the same issues. If a close inspection of the mother plant is not done properly, you will end up with sick and unhealthy clones.

The condition of the clone can pose other obstacles. A freshly cut clone needs a lot of tender loving care, and when it’s first replanted it will be extremely fragile. An initial period of transplant shock is to be expected, it can be over come with the very specific amounts of light and nutrients needed to aid it through this phase. 

The main tangible benefits of using the cloning method are that the plant is already further along in development then a seed would be, and you can hope for an actual yield sooner. If time is not an issue, this may not matter to you at all.  Second is it is a guaranteed exact match to the plant you are wishing to produce.

  • Growing from seeds

Starting plants from seeds is the natural way to go over all because cannabis is an annual plant, meaning that its life in its natural environment is only around a year long. Cannabis plants are not genetically engineered to remain active and flowering for longer periods of time.

A plant grown from seed will have a hearty root structure which is a main factor is called a tap root. For those of you completely unfamiliar with what a tap root is, it's the central part of a plant’s entire root system.  It extends deeply into the soil firmly anchoring the plant down for better support. Its capable of driving downward to great depths to find water and nutrients; an immeasurable advantage when growing outdoor crops in hot and dry conditions. Where as cloned plants simply produce a fibrous root system only. 


Happy growing from everyone at California Greens!

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