"Cannabis Has Refurbished My Soul"

by;  Kenneth Huitt

   Hello, my name is Kenny Huitt and I self medicate, safely and naturally using Cannabis. 


Mainly because It allows me to look and think outside the box.  I am a disabled veteran and the chronic use of medicinal cannabis has helped tremendously with my PTSD symptoms such as night terrors, over-all mood and at one point, severe suicidal depression with isolation.  Before I used Cannabis I was falling into a quickly progressing drug addiction.  This was all due to my self medicating with actual Drugs (real ones).   I have unfortunately experienced numerous traumatic events while active duty in the United States Navy and since then.   These events changed the way I looked at myself and how I viewed humanity as a whole.  The world was getting too ugly and too boring for me to keep my sanity,  so I reluctantly decided to try medicinal Cannabis, and I am so thankful that I did. 
  Now Cannabis is the only medicine that 100% of the time I use it, it works, It helps me to come back from dark places in my head, safely with no chance of an overdose or helps me to view the world a lot differently.  It also allows me to be happy and content with myself, therefore allowing me to be a better person, while living a functional, meaningful life.  “Cannabis has refurbished my soul.”
  100MgCBD dosing 2x daily for 4 weeks helped me to curve a quickly progressing opiate dependency that started as a self medicating effort, to desperately return to the innocent young man I was when I left home.  I was turned onto medicinal Cannabis as a last resort to try and self medicate to treaty my emotional roller coaster head.  When I first smoked marijuana I almost instantly felt the greatest sense of relief ever encountered by myself so then I started using Cannabis Medicinally,   to ease my PTSD symptoms, whenever I was feeling depressed or in my own head space and lost in dark thoughts, having horrible night terrors and not sleeping.  To my amazement,  almost immediately these symptoms were quickly replaced with a overwhelming sense of safety and Love.  I was able to see all the good in the world again, and I started to love myself again,  I actually had hope and it was a great feeling.  I fell in love with this miracle plant and trying to tell and reach other Veterans traveling along the same path.  I show them how Cannabis heals the heart and refurbishes the soul.  They are not alone and they don’t have to fight anymore.      Through cultivating Craft Cannabis, we are able to provide people with similar stories our Top Shelf, naturally grown, premium California Greens,  we want to give them back, the control of their health.  The ability to give hope when people don’t have much left is a pleasure to all of us here at California Greens.  We are thankful for the privilege to give this wonderful medicine to those that are looking for a healthy solution to self medicating.
 No matter who you are, you will find that here at California Greens, we have created a disruptive revolution in the world of cannabis distribution. California Greens offers a same day delivery service or 48 hour shipping service to members who are in need of a conveniently scheduled, and streamlined approach to obtaining the medicine they want and enjoy. Take control of your health.  We understand that we live in a world where taste is priceless, so we offer it conveniently at an affordable price.
 California Greens serves Santa Cruz county and the surrounding areas and hopefully with the support from our community and members, officials in charge of licensing and permitting will allow us to expand throughout California.  Allowing all Californians can enjoy a fast delivery from the California Greens express.  So give us a try, and become immensely satisfied.. by joining our GREEN REVOLUTION!


Kenny Huitt CEO and co-founder of California Greens