Cultivation of Cannabis in California

Cannabis is now the most favored substance we use to help us relax, right behind beer. Its green, the opposite of mean and it’s all natural. Critics will have their say, but we can’t dispute the medicinal benefits cannabis has in treating a host of different conditions. Whether you’re a medicinal consumer or a recreational toker,   if you live in California, you can grow your own Cannabis, and the best part.............. its legal. This has allowed many people to grow their own supply of Marijuana and enjoy the Sensational healing powers of Cannabis in a safe and legal way. This has also allowed many craft cultivators to flourish, people who cultivate marijuana in large quantities, and then supply them to the public. One of such Craft Cultivators is California Greens, which prior to this legislation had a long history of providing legal medical marijuana to its customers online, through a discreet and safe way. And after the legislation, California Greens started offering grow equipment, nutrients and premium Cannabis seeds and much more along with its forever superior,  medical marijuana. We are the leading provider of medicinal marijuana on the market.
California Greens have been in medicinal cannabis business for quite some time, if you go ahead and Google “craft cannabis cultivators in California” then we would be on top. We have worked really hard to reach this place, and have always made it our life’s work to provide A+ grade, top quality cannabis to our customers. By craft cultivating our own cannabis,  we can ensure that only the premium quality, pesticide free and all natural marijuana is made available to our customers. From the moment we sow the seeds to the moment we harvest cannabis, each stage is closely monitored to make sure everything is going safe and smoothly. We have a very strict selection procedure, we only keep the very best quality cannabis teen plants to go into the final stages of Vegitative growth and then Flowering.  Even if there is a tiny bit of imperfection, we throw that plant out. So much so that we discard up to 40% of our grown plants as compost, just because the quality is not up to the standard. There are many cultivators in the industry with a mixed crop, their crop has some imperfections in them. However our efforts have made sure that only the absolute best quality of cannabis gets to the public, who needs their medecine. It is due to us that thousands of patients in California are able to enjoy premium quality cannabis, something that is their medical need to function and now their legal right.
The online procedure from which you can order is really simple, when people were out there standing in lines, getting searched by the police and answering long questions about their medical needs for marijuana, we had made it easy to purchase legal marijuana safely and discreetly. After a simple signing up process, users can now browse through our gallery where numerous strains are available for purchase. Users will simply select the one they need, select the quantity and payment method and then wait as the order is delivered right on their doorstep. However, some people prefer to grow their own supply , which after the legislation they can, and for them we have seeds of different strains that they can order through a similar procedure. Each option is sorted through based on the strains, along with some basic information about the strain to help you out.
Marijuana has always been looked down upon throughout history, it has always been treated as a vile substance where in truth it has great utility. For medical users, as we have earlier discussed, it is a medical marvel as it has helped them in treating conditions in which they were not making any progress. Because California Greens took a stand for these people, they were able to get what they needed, what they deserved without any hiccup or inconvenience along the way. Many people started opting for the services of California Greens that made it easier for them to get their dosage. Prior to the legislation, California Greens was a major provider in the medical marijuana market. We had more share of the market than most pharmacies. We had revolutionized the way people got their dosage of cannabis that they needed to function normally. Through it all, we have been a voice of those suffering from serious ailments, we have been a representation for those who had been harassed many times getting what they needed.
California Greens were willing to stand for the marijuana users when no one was. Marijuana is used as a cure for many ailments, these are conditions which are untreatable by conventional medicine for some patients. Their bodies do not react in any way to the conventional treatment, but when marijuana is given to these patients their conditions get better tremendously. But these people were not able to access marijuana easily, until California Greens took a stand and allowed these people access to their medical marijuana through the use of online ordering. They now simply select their strain from our wide selection on our website, and then place their order. Depending on where they live, and the time of order, it is delivered to them either the same day or the next. 
But that is not all California Greens is doing for its customers, we also offers some bonuses for our customers. For our senior citizens and veterans we provide a 10% discount on all purchases. Not only do our elderly people NOT have to stand in lines for long hours, they can now enjoy reduced prices while getting the facility to order online from the comfort of their own homes. We also acknowledge the immense sacrifices our veterans make for our country, while we are able to live our lives in peace, they are out there fighting for that peace, fighting for our safety so we may live our lives normally. And so as a recognition for their efforts, veterans also enjoy a discount on their purchases on California Greens. We respect the people who choose to employ our services and purchase our products, we value all marijuana users out there regardless if they are our members or our customers or not. 
I mentioned before that the legislation allows you to grow your own marijuana and that you can get the seeds from our website. However, before you can go ahead and do anything related to that, you must know what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not allowed to do. Here is all you need to know:
1.    You should be at least 21 years of age or older to grow anything.
2.    You can possess no more than 6 plants at a time.
3.    Growth can only be done where you live. Keep it away from the public, and under lock and key. You can’t cultivate it at public property.
4.    The carry limit is 28.5 grams, anything beyond that is prohibited, leave the rest at home.
5.    Every city in the state may have their own laws, and as such they can prohibit outdoor growing, but under no circumstance will indoor growing be prohibited.
6.    Always have a lawyer who specializes in marijuana business law in your contact list, better safe than sorry.
If you keep to these 6 basic rules, then you will be fine. I will attempt to explain each of them in detail to make you understand better.
Minimum age is 21: Marijuana now falls under the same league as alcohol and is being treated as such, which means that no underage growing. 
Possession limited to 6 plants only: This is the clearest part of the law. The limit is six plants, regardless of the stage of their growth process, whether they are nothing more than a few leaves or a full adult plant, six is the limit. In other states, it is allowed or adults to have additional plants, provided they are not flowering; however California does not allow its residents this luxury, six is the limit. This rule may seem constricting, but provided that you planned ahead and stored your weed well, you can cultivate a lot of weed. It will bode well that you employ some advanced growing techniques as well, to ensure a bountiful harvest.
No public growing:
Growing marijuana in California is legal, but that does not mean that you can now grow it anywhere you please. It is a personal privilege and should be kept private, for you only. In simple words, grow in your own home or other property that you own. People should not be able to see your plants, unless this place is such that it does not have a problem with it and are your neighbors. In the event that you are growing openly in your backyard next to someplace public such as a park, then that is illegal. However to avoid any confusion, it is still recommended that you grow indoors.
28.5 is the carry limit: At any given time, you can only have 28.5 grams of marijuana on you, about an ounce. This does not apply to the weed you have grown, the harvest is all yours and you get to keep it all. This is limited only to the amount you can carry outside of the boundaries of your home. Buy yourself an accurate scale, to make sure you carry the legal amount and not more than that.
Growing is your right: Though its legal, it seems that some California home growers and cultivators may have to stay under the radar for a bit, why? Because there are some cities and towns in the state that are prohibiting marijuana growing, and this is allowed by law by the way. In these areas you cannot grow outdoors, and if someone can tell then you have broken the law. However, this very law also states that cities and towns cannot stop you from growing marijuana inside your home, away from public view. This also includes people who live in rental homes and apartments, just keep it out of sight and grow it for your personal use, and you will stay legal. 
These were the basic guidelines that you should know in order to cultivate cannabis on your own, but they deal with regular users of marijuana. For medical users, the rules are similar with a little bit of variation. Allow me to explain.
Talk to a doctor about your condition: As with treatment of any medical condition, you need to consult a doctor, otherwise you could have a very adverse reaction if you self medicate. Visit a doctor, and get a recommendation for the strain, based on your condition.
Research: You will be growing weed for the first time, so its required that you do some substantial amounts of research first. Growing marijuana is not an easy task and it’s not like growing an ordinary plant. Read some books on growing marijuana and how to keep it healthy, how to locate the right seeds and where to grow them because you will be growing it inside. 
Purchase: Browse through our vast gallery at California Greens and select the strain you need. Order the seeds for the strain your doctor recommended from where you please, also pick up some additional equipment required for growing marijuana. When all the things arrive, plant the seeds according to the instructions you got while researching and then wait as it grows into a flowering plants over time.
Check the local growing rules: I touched this subject earlier, about what is accepted all over the state and what’s not. However, you should still check the local growing rules based on your city and county. There may be some freedoms you could enjoy and some restrictions that you may be ignoring, so its best to know in these cases. 
Though growing and cultivation of weed in California is now legal, there are some things related to it that are still illegal. Specifically creation of chemically manufactured hash, that is still illegal and can fetch a hefty fine along with a sentence, so its best to stay in accordance with the law. In the case that there is a violation of the law, and you are found with more than 6 plants on your property, then it will be considered a misdemeanor that results up to six months in county jail, and/or up to five hundred dollars of fine. The only case in which a person may be allowed to grow more than six plants is in the case of medical users of marijuana, and that is only if you really need it with a qualified Doctor’s recommendation. 
If arrested, then you should hire a competent lawyer who knows all the defenses to be made and others to make a strong case for your innocence. There are a few ways through which you can get through without a sentence at all, or any kind of punishment for that matter. However in order to benefit from that, your lawyer should be aware of these defenses. So its better to just follow the law, and not end up in trouble. Though it would be the easier to just order from us, that way you can have a lot more quantity in a short amount of time. This is all that you need to know about the rules and regulation regarding what you can grow and how much. This information will come of use to you when you order seeds from California Greens and then plant them. This will ensure that you do not end up in trouble with the police and the courts and you can enjoy your right safely and legally.
Why do we do this? Because we love doing this, we know that value of premium quality cannabis and we make sure that the very best is made available to our customers. But more importantly, we do this because we are the voice of the marijuana user who has been denied his or her right in the past. When it was difficult to get your dosage of medical marijuana, something that was your need, we made sure that you will be able to access your right and need for a healthy life. We ensured that through our efforts only premium grade, was made available to all marijuana users who came to us. We were there for cannabis users when the police and government wanted to ban this beautiful plant and persecute us for exercising our right. We do this because we are a representation. We are a representation of the marijuana user who had to hide in fear when getting his dose. We are the representation of the cultivator who had to hide in secret to grow this beautiful plant. California Greens represents the broken family due to this Government's broken WAR on drugs. We are California Greens. Whether you need cultivated cannabis or seeds you can grow, California Greens is the place to go.

                        Kenneth Huitt, CEO California Greens LLC