We are a husband and wife craft cultivation team with a burning  passion to try and help otherS in need of it.  We believe that cannabis is a miracle medicine with amazing healing powers and it is a gift to all of that seek it.  We take great pride in our Signature California Greens Strains.  They have been finely tuned throughout our many years of  craft Cannabis cultivation,  all natural and Only using top of the line soils and fertilizers. We are very select in the plants that make it to the menu.



Kenny Huitt

Kenny's grandfather introduced farming to him at an early age, At the Ripe age of 12 he started working at his grandpas produce stand full time for .25/HOUR.  He claims it to be the most prolific time in his life.  He worked there until graduating high school and joining the United States Navy.  He was away from his true calling due to his Active duty obligations but would find his way back to a love once lost.   He has a Green Thumb and a sincere devotion for the Earth.  It’s no surprise that he went on to farm nationally and found the Love Of His Life< Laurinda which shares the same passion for healing through Cultivation.


Lindy Huitt

Lindy has been cultivating medicinal cannabis throughout central and  northern california for nearly 20 years.  her hard work ethic and desire for perfection have played a large role in shaping her present situation.  A world class personality with a green thumb and a heart of gold is how her husband kenny describes her.  she is the vice president of california greens llc  and the brains behind the premium medicinal cannabis we cultivate.  she is a mother of 2, a wonderful wife, a pioneer, and a visionary.